Recently, while obtaining my latest caffeine fix, I overheard two old farm guys bickering over local fields and which ones looked the best. The semi-angry banter went something like this:

Farmer A: “You seen So and So’s field this year already? Lookin’ good.”

Farmer B: “Ahh….that’s nothing. Drove up by Whosits and Whatsits farm yesterday. Fields are looking very nice.”

Sensing the mounting despair in their voices, I decided it was my civic duty to determine which farm fields really do look the best. I figured, using my vast farm knowledge (I mean I must have LOADS since I’ve been living in a rural farming community for a year and a half now) and my love of fashion, I could end this warfare once and for all. It is time to answer the age old question: What type of farm fields are the most fashionable?

I have documented my research for you below through photographs and quips of wisdom.

I call this field “mildly choppy”. As you can see there are little “husky thingys” poking out all over. I want to take a large comb-like object and comb them outta there.

Would this work?

This second popular look for fields this year is called “medium chop”. It is sort of like hair that is frizzed out and full of split ends. Might be fashionable in some circles.

The third popular look of the season I’ve deemed “stripey”. Many people find stripes aesthetically pleasing, however, they need to be “worn” the right way. Careful: Stripes can give way to looking wide!

Lastly, many fields have the “classic” look this year. Classic solids like dark brown, dried-out light brown, and freshly-churned black were all the rage. I’ve heard that mixing these colors is popular this year, even though I was always taught black and brown shouldn’t be together in any ensemble….I guess fashion is all about risks! This last look gets my vote. No one can go wrong with the “classic” look.

All this pondering over the importance of farm field fashion has led me to my next topic…how to feng shui your round metal structures that you keep something in…but what?


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